Import & Export

Mofara is helping to bring in new technologies from Europe (especially France) to be applied in Malaysia. Our team has cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative market research expertise and extensive international market research experience. We help our clients accomplish astonishing results by providing tailor-made research reports and market analysis so that they can make informed decisions when selecting market expansion opportunities.


Mofara Global supply mechanical, electrical components, engineering equipment and items to the well known projects in Malaysia and other international projects. The company holds and acts as distribution agent for a number of well-known products. Our company has diligently trained sales teams and technicians to handle the products professionally and also to provide quality back up and after-sales services to fulfill the customer’s satisfaction. The company’s range of products includes pumps for various applications, motors, agricultural machinery, petrol and diesel generators, workshop machine tools, power tools, construction equipment, food processing equipment, packaging machine, various type of mechanical seals, valves and various types of spare parts. Mofara Global offers a wide range of commercial, engineering, maintenance and design services. Capability to realize complex projects with securing individual client’s requirements supplies high competitive strength of the company.